In order to provide you great gaming experience, our site is using cookies. If you are not familiar with the term “cookies”, then I will give you a simple explanation of it. Cookies are text files that are transferred to your computer or mobile device when you visit a particular application or website. Typically, these text files are characters that are represented by ASCII codes. These ASCII is a code representing the English characters as numbers.

The web servers will receive text files that will be stored in their hard disk. These text files are saved on hard disk so that you will have ease in visiting our site. The browser that you are using will be sending cookies back to the web server. This is done so that the next time you will visit our site, we can easily recognize you. Our site is doing this in order to remember our clients’  preferences or personalized details.

Analytic and Third Party Cookies for

Our site uses analytic cookies so that we can find common errors on our site. Honestly, we do this for the benefits of our clients. In addition, the use of analytic cookies will enable us to see which specific page of our site is most visited and to find out which ones work best. Of course, we cannot develop our page for our dear clients if we will not use your information. We critically use the data we gather on order to understand how users behave on our site.

Analytic companies use web beacons to count the number of times something has been visited on our site. These are harmless because they will not gather any personal information that could identify you.

Another reason for using web analytic services is to help us use the necessary information that the web beacons gather in a useful manner. Whenever you are viewing a website, that website will send you cookies and then it is stored in your computer.

Our site also uses third party cookies. But, we assure you that this is done because we only use this to support the functionality of our site. This data can be embed on websites like YouTube and Google. These pages that may contain embedded content may give you cookies from these sites.

Cookies Disclaimer

If you will visit our site, then you are agreeing to our use of cookies. However, your data and other information are secured. We assure you that we do not use your data for other purposes. Our very main purpose in having your data is only to provide you the best gaming experience which is possible through the use of cookies.

If you will not withdraw of our use of cookies, we will presume that you agree with our policy. We will believe that it is fine with you if you will be receiving cookies each time you visit our site. If you want to refrain from receiving cookies from our site, you can set up your settings on your browser and make the needed changes you want.